When the Instagram community told me they’d like VREA to come out with a concealer as the first product, I knew it had to be something unlike anything done before. Going over the feedback from the community surveys that had rolled out, I worked to wrap my head around what matters to you and I took that, plus the skincare and performance elements I knew had to be included, and we went into the lab.

To say that the 4-In-1 Concealer SPF 30 is a masterpiece, would be an understatement. This product is the quintessential hybrid of skincare and makeup. Many advertise things like “active skincare ingredients” and throw around marketing fluff like “using”, “formulated with” or “infused with”, but when it comes to formula efficacy, you should know that our hero skincare ingredients were formulated at their actual levels of documented performance. And that’s just ONE of the many things setting this product apart.

I’ve been using the concealer since we entered the formula stage, back in mid 2018. And a year into using it on a daily basis, I noticed that my (otherwise) severely dry and flaky eye area, was now looking more hydrated, more nourished, not flaky at all, and overall more bright. On paper I knew the product will achieve all these milestones, but seeing it in real life, was the A-HA moment! After ugly crying (because I couldn’t believe that after all the times people have said this formula would be almost impossible to achieve due to its level of complexity), I pulled myself together and realized that I MUST HAVE this type of hydration and nourishment on my eye area as much as possible, including days and/or evenings when I’m not wearing the concealer. And that’s how the eye masks came about. We took those incredible ingredients (blended to perfection) and went back to the formulating board, to bring them to life in a serum format.

3 years after beginning formulation, the 4-In-1 Concealer SPF 30 is finally available, and today I wanted to share with you 17 things you must know about this product + some application tips & tricks.



If you’re wondering why I chose to go with a tube in the first place, it’s because as a licensed esthetician, sanitation is a high priority for me and there’s not much terrifying me more in a concealer, than pulling out a wand, touching it on your skin, then dipping it back in the container and therefore introducing dead skin cells, bacteria, dust and God knows what else into the formula. EEKKK!

We know that the good-for-skin ingredients are active and formulated at their researched and documented levels of performance, but what exactly are they? Here’s a breakdown:

• Hyaluronic acid in 3 molecular weights works across all layers of the skin to (1) provide hydration, (2) support barrier repair function, (3) firm, (4) lift, (5) soothe skin, (6) protect skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor and (7) induce production of skin’s native hyaluronic acid. In other words, our tiniest molecules will talk with your skin cells and help them induce their own production of HA. Hyaluronic Acid is capable of holding up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, making it the perfect hydrator for all skin types. It’s a component of your skin tissue already, but its production decreases with age, and we’re here to make sure your skin hydration levels are healthy and boosted.

• Tripeptide - Micro Algae - Vitamin B5 blend improves texture and reduces the look of lines & wrinkles.

• Vitamin C from sustainably sourced Australian Kakadu plum (the world’s most potent source of Vitamin C) energizes tired-looking skin & improves luminosity.



• Sustainably sourced Butterfly Ginger extract from Madagascar, helps protect skin from blue light, air pollution and chronological aging + it leaves skin looking more luminous & the complexion more radiant. Whilst we confidently know of the negative effects on skin from pollution, there’s still more research to be done on how blue light affects the skin. What we do know so far however, is that initial studies show that prolonged (chronic) exposure to the blue light coming from your phone, laptop, computers, TV, tablet and more, can take a negative toll on the skin. I wanted to keep your skin protected as much as possible. Especially since the eye area is the thinnest, most delicate, and most prone to damage out of all types of skin on your body. Better safe than sorry, right?!



    • Formulated with Non-nano Zinc Oxide (particles that aren’t small enough to penetrate the skin).

    Prevents premature aging by physically blocking the sun’s rays from the skin.

    No white cast + tested in flash photography as well: No flashback.

    This portion was one of the biggest challenges we had in formulating the concealer. Zinc Oxide is a white powder. So how do we get this white powder to behave beautifully in an emulsion, glide seamlessly on the skin, provide the SPF value we were aiming for AND not leave any white residue or cause flashback? This formula is a real-life example of how miracles can happen through sheer human determination, because where there was no way at first, a way has been found. And it’s important to know here that we did not rely on the manufacturer of this product to test for the broad-spectrum value, even though we love and respect them. We actually took the formula to an independent facility with no affiliation or interest in the brand, to perform a non-biased and complete assessment, so you can rest assured that you’ll be indeed getting the specified SPF protection.



    Can be used to gently massage and help de-puff the eye area (without squeezing product out). BONUS POINTS if you use the tip to massage over the eye masks. It’s an EXPERIENCE, I can’t even tell you!

    And what I love even more about this tip, is that it can be easily wiped clean. Sanitation complete. Some folks will use it to distribute the product, others will use their finger, sponge or makeup brush. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s purely up to you and what will look best on YOUR skin.

    PRO TIP: The concealer tube can be placed in the fridge for a few minutes up to a few hours, to enjoy a chilled experience. We made sure the formula is ultra-stable and withstands freezing cold (as well as tropical temperatures). Just imagine the start of a new day, it’s early in the morning, you may be feeling tired, and you may even be a little puffy. Using the tool to gently massage then applying a cold concealer on top … Mind blown! Where have you ever seen that before?!


    #5. IT’S 100% VEGAN.



    And it’s important to know this here:
    As the FDA writes on their website: “There are no Federal standards or definitions that govern the use of the term ‘hypoallergenic.’ The term means whatever a particular company wants it to mean.”

    There’s so much work that needs to be done in the cosmetics regulation industry in the US, but we’ll tell you why we wanted to target this and what it means to us. At VREA, the term “hypoallergenic” means that we are actively formulating with ingredients that will not trigger allergic reactions. Every individual is different of course, but we are doing everything possible to be mindful about this when formulating.



    We formulated to accommodate all skin types on the dermatological spetrum, but again – experiences will be different. Super dry, and super flaky skin types and very mature skin too, may generally have a harder time not just with this product, but any product that’s not specifically formulated for them. Which is why the eye masks are so critical for those specific skin types and/or conditions and will make a world of difference with consistent use. Since I suffer with chronic dry eyes, I know for me I have to use the masks at least 2-3 times per week. But let me tell you, after a few weeks, the improvement is undeniable. And trust me when I say that as we grow, our product portfolio will expand. It’s really important for me to know that everyone everywhere, will be able to enjoy the benefits of VREA.


    #8. MADE IN USA.

    I’m an immigrant to America. English is my second language, and I immigrated here as an adult. And I came alone, with no family or friends. I came here over 19 years ago, and I brought my mom in 2015. Being able to give back (in the form of creating American jobs) to the country that adopted me and has given me opportunities I could have only dreamed of before, was very important to me and I am really proud to say that the 4-In-1 Concealer SPF 30 is formulated AND manufactured in the USA. 



    And that doesn’t mean just synthetic fragrance/perfume. We avoided essential oils and other fragrance-driven ingredients that for many, could irritate the skin. 



    • We do not test our finished products on animals.

    • We have not tested any of our ingredients on animals at any stage of development.

    • We are not using any suppliers that test on animals and hold declarations of compliance from all our suppliers and manufacturers.

    • We are not and have not engaged a third party to animal test our products or ingredients on our behalf.

    • We do not sell in countries that require animal tests (Ie: mainland China) and choose to “miss out” on sales, because we believe in this ethically.

    There are only 2,116 companies in the world (at time of this post) that hold the leaping bunny seal and VREA Cosmetics is proudly one of them. 

    And if you’re wondering… when companies say their products are CRUELTY FREE, that generally refers only to the final product not having been tested on animals. Nothing else (as mentioned above). Being Leaping Bunny Certified is the true cruelty-free label you want to check for.


    #11. Currently in the process of developing 6 more shades, which we’re hoping to launch around our 1-year anniversary.

    We’re a “bootstrapped” company, funded solely by my husband and me with our life savings. We don’t take a salary and everything VREA makes, goes back into the company. Because of the titanic complexity of this concealer formula, each shade has its own individual formula. Think of it like this: pigments have to be used in different amounts to render the desired shade while offsetting the powder nature of the Zinc Oxide, but then the SPF value also has to be maintained and the experience/finish has to ultimately be/look the same across all the different shades. We’ve got all the shades to perform the same, but they all had to be treated very individualistically. Since we’ve been paying for everything ourselves, finances allowed us to come out with six (6) initial shades (the ones voted on in the surveys by you) and since launch, we’ve taken all incoming sales and used that toward the development of the next six (6). I’m actually really proud to work toward having our little indie small business, offer twelve (12) shades of concealer in its first year. For a formula of this magnitude, this is truly an accomplishment.




    Very little goes a long way with this concealer. The formula can be described as a medium-level-coverage. I didn’t want something really heavy looking, but didn’t want something “sheer” coverage either. This is perfectly in the middle.

    A small dot may be plenty for lightening the under eye area, while still maintaining a very natural appearance. For darker under eyes or if you simply want a “full-face”, you can apply more and/or apply little at a time until the coverage is exactly what you’re looking for.



    We have found there to be no creasing for combination, normal and dry skin, and there’s very little to no creasing for mature, overactive and oily skin. For mature and oily skin, you can set the undereye with a very light, dust of translucent powder.


    #14. LONG WEARING.



    Please keep in mind that as with all SPF products, mixing a sunscreen with other liquids or using a wet sponge, runs the risk of altering the SPF value. I personally use a dry beauty blender to tap into the skin and love it.



    I’ve been hearing this so much and believe it or not, it had never crossed my mind to use it as a foundation until y’all have been telling me you do that. It’s so BRILLIANT, my mind was blown. We’re seeing that especially for combo and oily skin, this tends to be a dream. Remember again that mixing sunscreen with other products could impact SPF value and yes – I will absolutely work on a foundation or CC product in the future. We’d just have to get into a financial place with VREA where we can afford creating a wider shade range off the launch pad.



    A lighter shade is also ideal for brightening and eye area and defining contour lines or highlighting the collar bone. Will put together a post soon with all the DOZENS of tricks you could do with a concealer, mostly the pro artists know of them.


    I hope you’ll feel proud of your VREA 4-In-1 Concealer SPF 30. A lot of time, science, care and mindfulness went into it. There’s truly nothing else like it on the market! I want to thank you for your incredible support of our small business and can’t wait to continue growing and developing with YOU at the forefront. You are everything to VREA! 

    - Alexandra (Founder | CEO)

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