5 Foods For Glowing, Blemish-Free Skin

5 Foods For Glowing, Blemish-Free Skin

K, we talk a lot on this blog about healthy skin. And while genetics play a big part in the way our skin looks and feels, lifestyle habits (like what we eat, smoking and not using sunscreen) are equally important.

Yes, it’s true that what we put on our skin matters! But if you want to really make a dent in things (no pun intended), you should also consider what types of foods you eat.

Now you may have heard that greasy foods, processed sugars and dairy can cause acne. But here’s the fact: Excess sebum causes acne. There is no valued scientific evidence that foods do. There is some credible research behind cow’s milk and its potential link to acne however, but how cow’s milk may increase or worsen acne is still a mystery.
One theory is that the hormones in milk cause inflammation in the body, which in turn can clog pores, leading to acne. The kicker is that while cow’s milk may increase the risk of developing acne, no studies have found that products made from milk (i.e. yogurt or cheese) lead to more breakouts.

So, sure! Let’s decrease the amount of dairy. But how about the other types of foods? The ones that have some findings into helping to keep skin clear? The food we eat, gets digested and ultimately enters our bloodstream which then circulates to the skin. So in other words, the right diet can be a value-added proposition to glowing, clear skin.



Tomatoes, tomato-based foods and tomato juice, may help clear up acne and that’s thanks to an ingredient called lycopene (the phytochemical that makes tomatoes red).



If you ask me, there are few foods out there equally as GREAT for skin as blueberries. They are rich in antioxidants that help fight the free radicals that damage skin cells. They also help boost the strength of collagen fibers and in 6 words: grab a handful of blueberries asap!



Consuming sufficient amounts of healthy fats is needed in order to support the skin barrier. In particular fish and fish oil, will be incredibly beneficial to reducing inflammation (read: acne). In addition to being a great source of anti-inflammatory Omega-3s, salmon also contains DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) which protects the integrity of cell membranes.



Take avocado and add “California”, and you may have a whole bunch of folks rolling their eyes right now :) Fact is though, that avocados are absolutely wonderful at adding hydration to the skin and reducing inflammation. Again, for those of us with acne or acne-prone skin, controlling inflammation is key! This fruit is rich in monosaturated fatty acids which are incredible for skin.



I cook with turmeric, drink turmeric teas and sprinkle turmeric in my apple cider vinegar. Turmeric is a game-changer! It’s rich in curcumin (active antioxidant) and shown to be one of the most effective anti-inflammatory, free-radical fighting food options out there.

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