PRO Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

PRO Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

Just as our skin, style and interests change and evolve as we age, so should the makeup products we reach for. Aside from accumulating life experiences, becoming wiser and calmer, we’re also accumulating fine lines and wrinkles, losing skin elasticity and noticing changes in skin tone and texture. And suddenly, certain products that were once the holy grails in our routine, simply don’t do the complexion justice like they once did. That is perfectly normal because our skin changes.

Becoming more mature doesn’t mean we’re any less beautiful. It does mean however, that there’s a new set of skincare concerns we need to adjust to (more on that in a future blog) and new ways to bring radiance and glow through the use of makeup. More specifically, the formulas and techniques have to change.

Here are 8 makeup tips for mature skin, from PRO makeup artists:

1. Don’t Skip the Primer

If primers were a “luxury” in our 20’s and 30's, you’ll find them to be quite important in our later years, and that’s because primers can go a really long way. They can smooth the skin's surface and blur out pores for one. They’re great at masking fine lines and wrinkles so the makeup doesn’t settle into them as much, and primers will help the makeup last a lot longer.

2. Choose a Concealer With Active Skincare Ingredients

makeup concealer with sunscreen SPF 30

One of the first areas to show signs on aging are the eyes and as we get older, this area simply can't be ignored.

Since our skin will become drier with age, the importance of bringing hydration and active skincare ingredients is bigger than ever. If the under eyes are dry, the concealer will pill, crack, shift and attach itself to every bit of dry, patchy area.

The VREA 4-In-1 Concealer SPF 30 offers active skincare ingredients formulated at their documented levels of performance (think eye cream in a tube). It’s formulated with not 1 or 2, but 3 molecules of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Tripeptide/Micro Algae blend, and will help nourish and hydrate all layers of your skin. Using this concealer daily has helped me improve the chronic dryness I used to suffer with for years & when the eye area is hydrated, makeup will look a lot nicer and more natural. But if that’s not enough, the concealer also offers blue light protection, air pollution protection, and shields your skin form damaging and aging UV rays.

PRO blending tip here: warm up the concealer formula between your fingertips. Warming it up will help it glide on and melt into the skin more easily.

3. Opt for Creamy Foundation, Blush and Contouring Products

Powder-based complexion products will become the main villains in makeup for mature skin, because they tend to settle into lines and wrinkles, making them look more prominent. Additionally, since the skin will tend to get more on the dry side, the use of powder products will make the face look and feel even drier.

In terms of foundation, it will be wise to stay away from full-coverage formulas, since they can look thick and not very complimentary. Anything with a glowy finish or labeled as “hydrating” will be the better choice.

There is something to be said about dusting a very (and I mean VERY) fine veil of powder at the end of the makeup, to help extend its longevity and/or tame any extra shininess. Again though: Very fine dust of translucent powder. And if an overly shiny complexion after applying foundation is not a problem for you, yet you’d like to extend the life of the makeup, consider using a makeup setting spray.

4. Warm Up the Skin.

When it comes to selecting your foundation or concealer shade, it’s better to go with 1 to 2 shades warmer than your actual skin tone, to avoid looking flushed out.


Matte eyeshadow and low shimmer will be more flattering that high shimmers and glitters.

6. If Opting for Eyeliner, Go for Brown Over Black.

Brown will create softer makeup looks which are more flattering as we age and also creates a more lifted appearance.

7. Define the Brows

Fuller brows will always create the appearance of youthfulness. If you find that your brows are looking thinner and sparser than they used to, try using a thin eyebrow pencil to fill them in. Create thin lines that mimic brow hair and draw them in the same direction as your current hairs, for a natural look.

8. Always Line the Lips

The definition of our lips softens with age and as a result, lip products will more likely bleed into the skin around the lips (particularly the upper lip). An easy fix for that is to lightly tap a very thin coat of concealer or foundation on top of the lips, then outline them using a lip liner. Then go in with (ideally) a hydrating lipstick. This process will extend the longevity of the lipstick, while preventing feathering and bleeding.

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