DARK CIRCLES: Causes, TIPS, Prevention

DARK CIRCLES: Causes, TIPS, Prevention

Think dark circles are only due to tiredness and lack of sleep?
Not entirely!
Here’s everything to know about dark circles, what causes them, how to prevent them AND the at-home and dermatologist remedies that can improve the way they look.

Potential Causes:

Iron deficiency
Family history/genetics
Natural aging process
Reduced levels of fatty tissue
Eye straining
Overexposure to sunlight
Eye rubbing
Tiredness & lack of sleep
Thyroid conditions
Eye drop treatments for glaucoma

At-Home Helpful Tips:

Elevate the head while sleeping. Here, think of wedge pillows. We’ve been testing this one out from Amazon for over 2 months and it was $57 well spent.

Use cold compresses and/or cold eye rollers – wear our eye masks fresh out the fridge if you haven’t already, because 1) they’re massive (about 25% bigger than most eye masks so you can cover more skin) 2) you’ll be treating (with powerful ingredients) and protecting (pollution and blue light) in the same time, all while being able to move around in your day since they’re non-slip.

Get more quality sleep (check out this blog post for more help with this).

Reduce sun exposure.

Use mineral sunscreen around the eyes (but please use a product made specifically for the eye area, to avoid milia or irritation). Sun damage can weaken the skin under the eyes resulting in, or making dark circles more prominent.

Apply soaked black or green tea bags (chilled) under the eyes, as compresses.
If you notice, cooling is a theme here and that’s because cold compresses constrict blood vessels and improve the appearance of dark circles and the discomfort of puffy eyes.

Antioxidant rich under-eye-products (I.e. products that contain Vitamin C, E or A).
The 4-In-1 Multipurpose Booster Serum is just that! A multipurpose product as it’s highly potent to treat and protect the face, while simultaneously being formulated to be used around the eye area as well. Unbelievable skincare technology at work!

Conceal with makeup. Ideally with a concealer that contains SPF 30 as recommended by dermatologists, to do more than just conceal, but rather conceal, treat and protect.

PRO TIP: For a natural “no makeup” look, apply the concealer only at the inner corners then gently tap to feather out toward the outer corners.  

Your 4-In-1 Concealer SPF 30:

• Protects your eye area from damaging UV rays.
• Has a patented Zamac cooling tip to gently cool & massage the eye area, and help remove excess fluid.

• Hydrates, moisturizes and nourishes skin.
• Brings (antioxidant) Vitamin C to the eye area.
• Has a skin-like finish, for that… “I woke up like this” look. 

For More Sever Dark Circles, A Doctor Can Help With:

Skin-lightening eye creams.
Laser therapy.
Medical tattoos.
Chemical peels.

How To Prevent Dark Circles:

Try to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep per night. Here’s a post on how to achieve that, helpful for even the toughest of sleepers.

Employ better stress-management and anxiety techniques. This here is a blog on how to lower anxiety on the spot, and check out this one and this one while at it, for help de-stressing.

Protect the face from the sun. Can’t stress this enough! Check this out if you don’t believe us!

Don’t smoke / Reduce alcohol consumption.

Preventatively manage allergies.

Gently remove makeup using eye-specific products. Byeeee makeup removing wipes! Please don't pull and tug this sensitive area.

Stay hydrated (ideally drink half your weight in ounces of water daily).

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