I wanted to do things a little differently & rather than simply share products I like, and use “affiliate links” but have little to no interaction with the founders (like most featured blogs do let’s be honest), I chose to share only companies I love AND personally KNOW. The features here are very specific; they are small businesses, female founded, I have used & continue to religiously use every single product shared, AND I know & love the owners. Nothing here is affiliated (except for VREA of course as she’s my baby). They are companies & products I choose to use, I love, I trust, and think would make excellent gifts this year (in addition to supporting female entrepreneurs).




I met Lauryn YEARS AGO, back when I had red hair (that’s how I know it was a long time ago, and generally how I reference periods of time; by the hair color I had). She’s always been a girls-girl; supportive, kind, beautiful in every sense of the word and as it pertains to business, a true entrepreneur to the core. I started using the ice roller when it first came out and still use it to this day. I love the specs of this product, I love how sturdy it is, and I love how it stays cool for much longer when compared to other products in the category.

And let me tell you… rolling over the eye masks is like a gift from God!


MAEMAE JEWELRY - Super Good Luck Bracelet


I met Rheena Mae 15 years ago (at the time of publishing this post) and her and I have been “sisters” from day 1. I met Jeremiah, in fact, because her & I were working on a business idea she had at the time, and she placed an ad on Craigslist (2009 lol) looking for web developers. When we walked into Jeremiah’s office, I knew I met the man I wanted to marry. My mom was helping Rheena Mae assemble her jewelry back when she first started, so I’ve seen the business from literal Day 1, and I’ve had my super good luck bracelet since then. I lost track of how many times I’ve worn it, and I love it so much! It’s 14k Gold filled, hand crafted with 10 charms & stones from around the world, each carrying their own good luck energy.  


If you are in the LA area, you can see her products in person + get VREA Eye Masks & the 4-In-1 Booster Serum directly from her store. It’s worth the visit!! 3125 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039


VIKE BEAUTY - Makeup Melt


If memory serves me right, I met the Vike twins in 2019. We started talking about our start-ups & I was so impressed by their business acumen & intelligence. One thing led to another, and we formed a friendship. They are kind, supportive, reliable, trust-worthy AND I use & love their hero product! Literally one of the very few makeup removers that doesn’t irritate my eyes or makes me cry. You know exactly what I’m talking about! Extra points for it not breaking me out, and you know I have very active acne-prone skin.


ARRAE - Bloat


I first met Siff about a year ago when we did a podcast swap and I was in AWE with her, with the dedication she has towards her business, product development, and the overall quality of her products. She’s smart, she’s creative, she’s hard working, and the products are strong & speak for themselves. They had me at “Clinically shown to reduce bloating by 86% through eliminating excess gas buildup.” Hello!!





Amy’s lashes have been my go-to for… forever it feels like because I’ve been wearing the daylights out of them. I love them because they’re not just pretty, but they’re 100% handmade & very well put together, getting 10+ wears out of each pair EASY. I clean them vigorously after each use, and they don’t fall apart like other brands have done in the past. When I finally met Amy in person, we were both speaking on a panel, and she was every bit what I had imagined. She’s smart, she’s hard working, and she’s always made it a point to reach out when I’ve publicly shared hard times in the past. 





Marrin & I originally connected through Instagram. I was at a store supporting one of my friends’ events (2019) and as I was shopping, I saw some earrings & necklaces that really spoke to me. So I bought them. When the store owner told me they were from a local, female-owned business, I decided to start wearing & testing the pieces right away. A few months later after realizing I loved them A LOT & they were really well put together, I started sharing them in IG stories & such. She saw them, we connected, met in person one day for lunch & after 5 hours of chatting about everything under the sun, I realized she was one of the most exceptional people I had ever met. I have the earrings featured here in silver, and they’re my go-to. They’re polished stainless steel, hypoallergenic, water & rust resistant.


If you happen to be in Tampa area (Hey Florida!), you can get your VREA Eye Masks directly from her store - 3104 West Palmira Avenue, Tampa, FL



$25 (box of 5 pairs) 

holiday thanksgiving gift ideas skincare stocking stuffers

What’s a gift guide without the most awesome eye patches on the market? True story: while formulating the concealer, all chemists involved in the formulation + yours truly, noticed that with the daily wear of the concealer we were ALL (literally) having much more hydrated, nourished & plump eye areas than when we started. The active skincare ingredients in the concealer were formulated at their documented levels of performance, so for all intents & purposes this was a powerful eye cream, not just a plain concealer. I immediately knew these ingredients had to be on my skin even when not wearing makeup, so the idea of the eye masks took life. I didn’t just want to create any ol’ patches, so they had to be really SPECIAL. They had to be non-slip (because who’s got the time to lay like a mummy), they had to be super juicy & stay juicy for a long time but not drip on the face if you know what I mean. The absorption rate had to be technologically progressive, they had to be super hydrating, moisturizing & nourishing. They had to add protection from pollution & blue light, they had to be biodegrable and … HUGE because I have a big face & SIZE MATTERS! These patches are for ALL skin types, they are truly incredible, vegan, cruelty free, the works. They are WORTH getting & the best stocking stuffers ever. Period.


SHAME TO SPARKLE - STS Social Club Crewneck


Lacy is one of those beautiful people with a pure heart & good intentions. If you call her in crisis at 2 in the morning, she will pick up & be there for you in a heartbeat. Her story is one of exceptional strength, survival (literally), and relentless pursuit of betterment. And it’s her life experiences that lead her to create the Shame To Sparkle podcast & now… the Shame To Sparkle foundation. The STSF mission is to normalize discussion and advocacy for those suffering from trauma/PTSD. Having been a victim of a crime, trauma & abuse herself, Lacy is looking to provide resources, education & therapies dedicated to those affected by PTSD & trauma

I proudly wear this sweatshirt & send her pics of me parading it around everywhere. And wearing it is not only supporting a local entrepreneur, but a powerful mission as well. 


5 SENS - Discovery Kit


Divya is the kind of relentless person I love a whole lot! A go-getter, a highly skilled entrepreneur & when I first learned that she started 5 SENSE, I was really excited & knew I had to try her products immediately. Everything is so well-though out & intentional, and I love the Life of the Party (Blackcurrant, Peach Blossom, Saffron, Midnight Jasmine, Ambrox) & Twin Flame (Cucumber Leaves, Cardamom, Osmanthus Blossom, Indian Sandalwood, White Musk) scents.


Hope you find some inspiration & if you are able… show support. There are some of us that are really HYPER focused on creating quality, improving product categories, creating new technology & making every purchase worth its price. Happy shopping! I imagine most if not all of these companies will have holiday sales.

I love you!!
- Alexandra 

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