I won't lie, making eco-friendly moves when you’re a small self-funded brand like VREA, comes with a lot of challenges. But we're trying hard, because it's a critical part of ethos and something that more brands should pay attention to!
Our eye masks are biodegradable & manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility.
No child labor is used in the mica extraction for our concealer & the concealer boxes are made from 90% post-consumer waste recycled material.
All of our nature-derived ingredients are sustainably/ethically sourced & last but not least, we are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

There's a long road of head of us, but we'll continue making moves. And on that topic, here's how to recycle your booster serum. Please make sure to check with your local recycling facilities as well, in case they have specific recycling requirements.

▪️Recycle the shipper box (& filler paper) as well as the booster pyramid box. The pyramid is made from 30% post-consumer waste recycled material & recycling it, you’ll give it yet another life.

Due to the multi-material nature of the component, its parts will need to be separated for recycling.

▪️Remove the (RECYCLABLE) wiper lodged at the bottle opening. The wiper is made of Polyethylene (PE), a common (recyclable) plastic polymer & its purpose is to avoid waste by wiping off excess serum off the pipette.

▪️Carefully separate the (glass) pipette from the collar. Both bottle and pipette are glass & RECYCLABLE. The gasket inserted into the pipette collar over the pipette glass is also RECYCLABLE. 

Happy Earth Day (every day) & thank you for your love and support!