And just like that... 2022 is here!
If (like us) the first thing popping in your mind with the sentence above was Sex And The City, then we're definitely soul mates 😆.

The VREA January Wellness calendar is one of my favorites and I hope you'll enjoy it. We recommend saving the image in your photos album or(and) printing it and hanging it in view. The fridge is a good spot for it. Try looking a day or two in advance, to see what’s coming and be prepared to make that challenge happen.

The more challenges you complete, the better and more fulfilled you'll feel, I speak from experience. Definitely give them a try and see for yourself. 

One of the biggest tips for self confidence I've ever learned, was that confidence gets built though the process of achieving daily promises to yourself, no matter how easy and simple they may be. Consistently committing to do something and following through, is the fastest and best path toward a more robust confidence. 

We're all about that personal growth and (mental/physical/emotional) wellbeing and we're here to help you feel your best, look your best and live your best life.

Share which challenges you complete on instagram, tag us and use #VREAwellnessChallenge so we can see and celebrate you.