The best ways to blend your concealer (+ PRO tips)

The best ways to blend your concealer (+ PRO tips)

If you’re a makeup lover, you know how a good concealer can change your makeup game and how you feel about yourself. It’s there for you after a long night out (and maybe a few margaritas), or a sleepless night when the baby cried non-stop. For those of us with chronic under eye dark circles or deep set eyes, concealer also helps with a boost of self confidence.

Finding the RIGHT concealer can be challenging, but it’s not worse than finding a good concealer and not blending it properly. Application can either make or break the concealer experience, and the same application can either make it crease more, fade faster or simply not get enough payoff in the first place.

Though you’re a minimalist with makeup or prefer a full-face, here are the best tips and tricks to find the tool that works for you, and blend that concealer magic:


A concealer brush is great at covering small and/or very targeted areas. A small dense tip fits perfectly under the eyes. This type of brush can be easily used to build up coverage and can be used with liquid, cream or powder concealers. Try using a densely packed brush to avoid streaks and get more coverage. Go for a fluffier brush if you're looking for a lighter and more natural look. 


Sponges are also great tools for blending your concealer (and other complexion products). Though sponges come in many shapes and sizes, choose one that best fits under your eye area and ideally has a pointed tip or a flat side. This will help blend the product directly under your eyes and come as close as possible to a skin-like finish. It’s worth mentioning here that certain sponges can soak up product so more may be needed, than when using a brush or your fingers. A damp spange is usually recommended, but keep in mind that products containing sunscreen could have the SPF value diluted by the water (or other liquid) in the sponge. 



The easiest technique to blend your concealer is with the tip of your fingers. It makes the application so effortless and the warmth of your hands helps the product melt seamlessly into the skin. Not to mention you’re likely to experience the smoothest finish out of all other blending techniques. You’ll notice how it leaves no streaks and your product won’t soak up and be wasted. Using your fingers also puts the least amount of pressure on your skin so it's perfect for the delicate area under the eyes. 

The ring finger will be ideal if we’re being specific, because it has the least amount of pressure power out of all fingers. 

When blending your concealer with this method, use your ring finger and tap lightly under your eyes. 

Another tip worth mentioning here, is about the concealer shade. Using a concealer that's 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone, will help brighten the under-eye area and create the illusion of a lift. If you're not going for a brighter look and just want to cover dark circles, a concealer similar to your skin tone will do the trick and give a very natural look that evens out the skin tone. 

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