The DOs & DON’Ts of Skin Health

The DOs & DON’Ts of Skin Health

Fact: Skin is the largest and most visible organ in the human body, and its responsibilities are equally impressive! Skin protects us from the outside elements, it prevents infection, helps regulate our temperature, and plays a key role in keeping us hydrated.

As trite as it may sound, the moment I started learning in school just how complex skin really is and how many things we should be grateful to it for… that was the moment when I stopped complaining about my acne, pores and skin laxity. Instead, I’m practicing more gratitude because reality is that our skin is EXTRAORDINARY! “Imperfections” et all.

Taking care of this organ now naturally, doesn’t boil down solely to looking good, but being healthy and feeling great as well. So here are some common dos and don’ts to help you achieve just that! 

Do: Wear Sunscreen Every Day.

The sun is the biggest extrinsic aging factor. Not to mention that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and the world. One of the biggest and most important things you could ever do for yourself is wear sunscreen year-round, even when staying home. I’ve said this a million times and will continue saying it for the rest of my life: UV rays are around 365 days a year, even if the sun is not visibly out. And these rays can penetrate through windows and clothing, which is why wearing a broad-spectrum SPF 30 product every single day, is so important.

Not only will wearing sunscreen help keep you protected from skin cancer, it will also keep your skin healthy and looking youthful.

TRY the VREA 4-In-1 Concealer SPF 30 if you haven’t already. It’s broad-spectrum, and it will not only help you conceal the under eyes, it will help keep them protected from damaging UVs as well as blue light and air pollution. There’s nothing else like this concealer on the market and it’s truly worth the buy! 

Don’t: Pick at Pimples.

As an acne sufferer myself with a compulsion to pick at my skin, I understand the urge to go in there and go ham. But trust me when I say that doing so, is a major skincare don’t. Not only can that lead to bigger infections, but it can lead to bacteria spreading (read: more pimples), as well as scarring.

Try this: cover the pimples with the 4-In-1 Concealer SPF 30, because the Zinc Oxide is also effective at reducing the production of sebum while soothing the inflammation. 

Do: Wash Your Face Before Bed.

I can’t say this enough: a key step in promoting good skin health is "removing the day" and washing your face every single night. I know what it’s like to have a few margaritas on a Friday night to the point of just wanting to crawl in bed, but even if you only have a makeup removing wipe in your nightstand which you can use to remove all that gunk, is still going to be better than going to sleep as is. During the night, is when skin goes into recovery mode and preventing it in doing so by virtue of wearing makeup, can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and skin irritation. 

Don’t: Wash Your Face With Hot Water.

On the topic of cleansing the face, avoid hot water. Instead, go for lukewarm. Why you ask? It’s because hot water is notorious for stripping skin of its natural oils and leading to skin sensitization. If your skin feels tight after washing, we’re conditioned to take a look at, and potentially changing the cleanser. But what we should do before switching product, is adjusting the water temperature and then seeing how the skin feels. 

Do: Change Your Pillow Case Every 1-3 Days.

Think about this for a moment… no matter how well you cleanse your skin at night, the products you apply afterwards as part of your nighttime skincare routine, are inevitably going to transfer onto the pillow. Now imagine that happening night one, then night 2, and so on. Eventually, you find yourself putting your beautiful face on a pillow with days-worth of product, which has been sitting on the pillow, attracting and potentially brewing bacteria. That’s not right! If you want to avoid that (and especially if you have acne-prone skin), consider changing the pillow case as often as possible. And while you’re at it, consider also a silk pillow case. Silk will be much more genltle on your skin and hair.

Don’t: Forget to Hydrate The Skin.

While the level of moisture (oil) depends on the skin type, hydration is non-negotiable for all. Every single type of skin, and every skin condition, requires hydration (water). The water level in the skin will help with that plumpness and inner glow that most of us want. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and aloe vera are fantastic at bringing water content to the skin and provide a good water-balance for healthy, radiant looking skin.

We formulated the VREA 4-In-1 Concealer SPF 30 with not one, not two, but THREE different molecules of hyaluronic acid, that work across all layers of the skin to provide hydration.

Thank you for spending some time with us and reading this. We love you!

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