VREA Cosmetics came to life in 2017 after Alexandra became inspired by her online community to co-create makeup with skincare benefits that people actually want! Originally, the name of the company was going to be called WANT Cosmetics, but ultimately we arrived at VREA.


VREA ("a vrea") in Alexandra's native Romanian language means “to want” – a perfect fit for what we decided to pursue!


VREA Cosmetics is a family company, founded by Alexandra (a licensed esthetician, makeup artist and skincare fanatic) and her husband, Jeremiah.

In 2017, when Alexandra was 32, turning 33, she started noticing that her makeup simply wasn’t sitting and looking as smooth as it did a decade earlier. That got her thinking about “what is my makeup actually doing for me?,” especially when it lays there all day.

At the time, there was no shortage of companies looking to bridge (or claiming to bridge) the gap between makeup and skincare.

When Alexandra was challenged to ask HOW companies went about getting their claims, HOW their ingredients were stabilized or formulated and whether their actives were used at their clinically researched levels of performance… she got "crickets." Brands (and many POPULAR ones) answered with complete silence, or statements along the lines of “we cannot disclose that information.”

You’d think she had asked what size bra they were wearing!

At that time, it became clear that transparency was a really big problem in the beauty industry. Coupled with not knowing (as a consumer) whether certain “star” ingredients were actually used at their peak levels of performance or simply used for marketing stories, and the fact that many companies still perform tests on animals (if not the final products, their individual ingredients), the AHA-moment arrived, and we realized there was space for bigger and much better!

At VREA Cosmetics, we beautifully merge nature with science. We believe in sustainable sourcing and using the star ingredients at their active performance levels. We proactively involve our online community in the development process and are transparent every step of the way; from ingredients, to formulation, to manufacturing and filling.

We are aware of our environment and have made the sound choices to lower our footprint any chance possible: From our concealer boxes being made from 90% post-consumer waste material, to manufacturing our eye masks in a carbon-neutral facility.

We are very small and self-funded, but we will continue to get better, and make even bolder choices. We continue to innovate like nobody’s business and ensure that our customers get the most out of their products, all while being environmentally pro-active.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us, we appreciate your love and support!

~ Alexandra & Jeremiah Jacks